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The Bright visionary who is the very foundation of our Firm, Mr. Kunal Khanna began his journey of practising law in the year 2017.  Mr. Kunal Khanna was insistent and determined to unfold a new dimension of legal knowledge which would efficently solve even the most complex legal battles. 

Our Founder, since the very beginning was keen and adamant to understand the needs and expectations of individuals as well as business organizations with respect to their Legal needs and requirements. 

The exquisite journey of Kunal Khanna & Co. began from the foot steps of our founder and has now transformed into an entire team of determined legal professionals that are offering the best legal services to our Clients under the guidance of Mr. Kunal Khanna. 

In the initial stages of his journey itself, as a result of the superior quality of services that were being offered by our founder,  Mr, Kunal Khanna was able to work for numerous well-established and renowned organizations. 

It is becuase of the vast knowledge, efforts and guidane of our Founder that our firm has not only witnessed brilliant growth, but has also continued to mark its footprints in the Legal Industry.



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